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Sr. Farhana Matin

Bio Farhana Matin

  • B.Sc Home Economics with major in Family, Child and Community Development.
  • MA Sociology with major in Social Anthropology & Social Change and Economic Development
  • Graduate Fehmul Quran offered by ICNA Sisters wing 2004
  • Teaching Quran intensive courses offered by (OIIW) Online Islamic Institute for Women and ILF, sisters since 2005
  • Manager Muslim Family Services, ICNA Relief USA, NJ Chapter
  • Religious and spiritual therapy under ICNA NJ and ICNA Relief
  • Writes for Noor magazine published by ICNA Sisters wing
  • Offer workshops on variety of topics;
    • Comfort of my Eyes ( what is marriage /parenting)
    • Bridging the gap (Parenting; Surah Yusuf),
    • I am ok, you are OK ( healthy relationships)
    • Beauty of character (امرنی ربی بتسع ) 9 qualities of a believer
    • Mirror Mirror on the wall ( do we know ourselves?)
    • رَبَّنَا آتِنَا فِي الدُّنْيَا حَسَنَةً (emotional intelligence)
    • Stress/anxiety mgt ( Surah Maarij),
    • Dore Fitan ( Surah Kahaf; 8 part)