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Bio Imam Asif

Bio for Imam Asif Hirani

Imam Asif Hirani has completed his 3 years of Bachelors of Business Administration in Fashion Designing before he switched is field to Islamic Studies. He then completed 1 year Quran understanding course from Quran Academy (originated by Dr.Israr Ahmed), then he completed his Masters in Islamic Studies from Karachi University and is in the process in completing his PhD in Quran and Tafseer at Al-Madina University in Malaysia. Imam Asif served as an Imam of MCNJ for almost 3 years before he joined ICNA. He’s passionate about facilitating the development of Islamic leadership, and is active in counseling Muslims in various capacities. He has appeared in local news channels such as News12 and NBC-NY, and speaks regularly on a program called “Faith over Fear” on AsSalam Radio based in Florida.

Imam Asif conducts various seminars and programs throughout the state and at other ICNA units throughout the US.  His recent course has been a Tafsir of Surah Maryam with comparative study of Qur’an and Bible.  He also teaches Arabic grammar in a structured series called Arabic 101, 102, and 103.  He starts at the beginner level by introducing basic concepts, and gradually progresses towards comprehensive content in an easy-to-understand manner.  He also plans on teaching a comprehensive Summer Intensive program on Qur’anic Arabic inshaAllah.