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AITS-Ibn Taymiyya

AITS-Ibn Taymiyya
Course Tuition: $50
Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th May 2017
WhyIslam Center(1320 Hamilton Street, Somerset NJ)
Islamic theology, or Aqidah, forms one of the most central of Muslim belief. So much so, some scholars argue that the first thirteen years of the Prophetic mission was to instill a strong and deep sense of Tawhid and other main articles beliefs, Nonetheless, historically Islamic theology has been one of the most contentious topics hotly debated by some of the most important Muslim scholars, past and present. Amount such scholars are Imam Ghazali, Fakhrudeen Al Razi, Ibn Taymiyya and many others. What are the debates, who are the prayers. where did they come from and how do we understand them today?
> The first part will cover the history of the development of  Islamic theology, and all if the major debates.
> The Second aspect of the seminar will cover key theological concepts like Tawhid and Prophethood primarily through the teaching of Ibn Taymiyya.
Please join us as we journey back in time to uncover our past so as to better live our present with       Dr. Yahya Michot, an expert in Islamic Theology, History and Philosophy.