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Bio Masood Aḥmed

Bio for Masood Aḥmed Ranginwala

Masood Aḥmed Ranginwala has studied Arabic with various teachers and institutions.  He has been a long time member of ICNA and a founding member of Young Muslims.  He earned the Sībawayh Degree in Arabic Studies from the Qibla Institute, and earned a Diploma in Islāmic Studies from the Islamic Online University (IOU) Diploma section.  At IOU-Diploma, he is the instructor for the online course series “Introduction to Quranic Arabic” and its “Basic Arabic Reading and Writing” course.  At ILF, he has been teaching Arabic since the past few years.  He has authored the two volume series “Introduction to Quranic Arabic”.  By profession, he is an emergency physician, residing in New Jersey with his wife and three children.